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Tourist firm "DETELINA TOURS" has the pleasure to offer to your attention opportunities for ecological tourism, traditional tourism and rest in the Central Bulgaria in the foothills of Central Stara Planina,also called "the Balkan range".

Picture Galery from this region

Here you will discover the town of Troyan spread on the picturesque banks of the Beli Osam river, wrapped in exuberant verdure among magnificent view - the town of the masters in the fabulous mountain. Sheltered around it are the villages of Cherni Osam, Oreshak, Shipkovo and other wonderful plases suitable for ecologica tourism and rest with its fresh air, river and woods. The monasteries, museums, an art gallery,exhibitions, workshops of modern masters of old handicrafts are priceless cultural and historical heritage and present.And above all the people ! -Mountaineers -hard-working, cordial, hospitable.They are shepherds, forest workers, potters, weavers, carpenters, woodcarvers, metal -workers, ceramic-workers.Here you can also see one of the most beautiful monasteries - the Troyan monastery. It's the second most beautiful monastery, after the the Rila monastery and on an equal level with the monastery in Bachkovo. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors come here every year. People come here to touch the wonder-working icon of the mother of God, who has three hands, and to look at Zahari Zograph's frescos. In the Natural History Museum you would see all the typical representatives of the Bulgarian flora and fauna /over 1700 exhibits/. Here, there also is a rich Ethnographical museum, which has more than 2000 photo -graphs, tools,objects of the everyday life and authentic national costumes that tell about the three-century-history of the people living in this part of Bulgaria. Tourists get enraptured with the exhibits in this museum and claim it is unique. The Art Gallery is named after Pencho HadziNaidenov (1800 - 1866), who is the founder of the Troyan iconography school. Hahdicrafts and applied arts museum.The museum present the origin and the development
Of the hahdicrafts in the region -pottery, woodcarving, goldsmith's trade, weapon production, carpentry, interior of the mountain home, etc. The Museum in the Troyan Monastery- here you will see the cell,which was the hiding place for the great revolutionary and democrat Vasil Levski and where he met the revolutionary committee during the Turkish yoke. There is also an abundant exhbition of icons.
Near the town of Trouan there are mineral springs wchich were used as early as in the ancient Rome times. Today there are swimming pools, hydrotherapy sanatoriums, beaches, hotels and private villas here. The favorable climatic peculiarities of this region and the proximity with the unique natural resourses create opportunities for magnificent experience- bicycle rides with a rucksack, and horse ride both in the low and the high part of the mountain,skiing,hiking. Mountain excursions and traverses, extreme experiences and adventure trills. The lovers of unique flora and fauna would find interesting routes on the territory of the National Park "Central Balkan". This fabulous part of the country, which combines together the preserved cultural and historic heritage, the beautiful nature and the spirit of the old mountaineers, the splendid recreation centres and local specialties, is an interesting and still undiscovered destination for the Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The offered to you attention places are especialli chosen and rated for you with the intent to guarantee high quality service and satisfy the needs and wishes of our guests.

We wish you wonderful moments and relaxation !