Triavna (11,867 residents) is located in the northern folds of the Balkan Mountains; the town stretches out in the Tryavna river
valley at an altitude of 440 m above sea level. The winter is cold and the summer breezy. The climate in Tryavna is suitable for treatment
and recuperation of patients suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The town lies halfway the Sofia - Varna route (250 km away fromeach), 170 km from Plovdiv, 219 km from Bourgas and 130 km from Rouse. The railway line linking North to South Bulgaria runs through it. Daily buses and trains connect Tryavna with Sofia and Gabrovo.
TRYAVNA is a CENTRE OF WOODCARVING, lCON PAINTING AND SINGULAR ARCHITECTURE.You can enjoy to the masterpieces of the Tryavna art school the one and only centuries-old Bulgarian school of art which is still functioning today.
SHKOLOTO (the School) occupies the building of one of the earliest secular schools in Bulgaria; it houses various permanent exhibitions among which stands out the donation of the Bulgarian artist Dimitur Kazakov, celebrated in the world. On display are also, paintings by Ivan Hristov. Exhibits of extraordinary interest make up the collection Time Pieces and Measuring Equipment from the Middle Ages to the Turn of the 19th C. and the donation of 'Buddhist Art' donated by the sculptor ZlatkoPaounov.
DASKALOV House is a museum of woodcarving. Built up in 1804, this architectural monument is of national consequence. The woodcarved ceilings evoke memories of the first-ever art competition held in Bulgaria. Who of the two master woodcarvers was the winner is for you to guess.
THE TRYAVNA ICON-PAINTING SCHOOL Museum treasures over 160 icons by old master icon painters, original instructions as regards the requirements of the Orthodox Eastern Church canon, and a complete set of icon-painting tools.

RAIKOV House was put up in 1846; it is an epitome of both Tryavna school of architecture from the National Revival period and the then town lifestyle.

ANGEL KUNCHEV Museum-House is the home of a national hero from the anti-Turkish resistance; records of the revolutionary struggles of Tryavna people are on display too.

KALINCHEV House is another masterpiece of National Revival architecture in Tryavna; constructed in 1830, it houses an exhibition of 500 paintings donated by collector TotyoGubenski.

BTHE ST. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Church is an exceptionally valuable monument of culture dating back to the Middle Ages; it keeps an Old Cross with 12 scenes from the Bible wood-carved on it; the church iconostasis and the bishop's throne have been recognized as masterpieces of the Tryavna school of woodcarving.

BTHE ST. GEORGE Church - Its construction is designed and supervised by the master builder Dimitur Sergyuv in the period 1848 - 1852. Tryavna masters painted the iconostasis and the icons.

ART M Gallery offers guests and visitors of Tryavna paintings, small sculpture pieces, woodcarvings and souvenirs made by artists and
craftsmen from the Balkan Mountains region.

The natural phenomena of Vikanata skala, Mahnatite skali and Stolishta can be found in the vicinity of Plachkovtsi. The protected locality of
Stouden kladenets (the Cold Well) covers an area of 64 hectares, and is close to Stanchov han village. The one and only yew habitat in the region, with 80-year-old and 4-metre- high trees, is located in proximity to Krustets railway station.

Tryavna artisan's items are available in all workshops downtown and in the numerous souvenir shops.
The resort village Voneshta voda is 20 km off Tryavna. The etymology of its name is associated with the odour of hydrogen sulphide released from a cold spa. The mineral water is used for therapy of locomotorium diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, metabolism, skin and respiratory diseases.

The Municipal Tourist Office in Tryavna rents out bikes to all willing to pedal along the marked cycling route Tryavna - Voneshta voda - Tryavna. The route affords scenic views of the lower spurs and the crest of the Balkan Mountains, as well as passages through small
Tryavna is a starting point of numerous hiking routes to historical sights, natural phenomena, monasteries and small villages; there are blazed trails and mountain guides ensured. The railway station of Krustets (a 30-minute drive from Tryavna) is a convenient starting pointfor outings and tourism. Available sports facilities - an outdoor swimmingpool, two tennis-courts,stadium with two football fields, windsurfing and powerboat racing facilities, the area is suitable for cross-country skiing and sledgeriding.

On May 26 and 27 every odd year Tryavna holds SLAVEIKOV Days a cultural event encompassing diverse festivities, literary readings and awarding of Slaveikov Prize.

June-annual football championship for children Every even year the town hosts the one and only in this country International Woodcarving
Competition in the Open under the title 'Craftsmen Compete in Tryavna'.

Tryavna is the venue of a traditional annual fair held 50 days after Easter. Dizzy with sightseeing around Tryavna, one can cool it in the town restaurants, taverns and cafes. We recommend only the best: