Pomorie SPA Complex

  • Accomodation
    Single rooms - 10
    Double rooms - 96
    Triple rooms - 20
    Suites - 5

  • Programs
    Antistress, lose weight, after operation, rehabilitation, heart illness, neurosis illness, water treatment, muddy treatment, sport recreation programs.

  • Complex Facilities
    TV set, elevator, post box, security, safe deposit boxes, telephone, information and money exchange, hairdresser's, restaurant, tavern, cocktail bar, bar, private party catering, panorama-restaurant, shop, business-meeting room, parking, pets, live show, indoor swimming pool, fitness, sauna, medical centre, spa, airconditioned, room service, V.I.P., laundry and dry cleaning, conference room, rent-a-car, guarded parking, pets, billiards.

  • Other
    Locomotorium diseases: - arthrosis; arthritis; recovery periods after traumas and fractures. Peripheral and central nervous system diseases: - neuritis; radiculitis; discal hernia Woman's reproductive system disease: dysmenorrhea; ovarial hypofunction; parametritis. Men's reproductive system disease: prostatitis; oligospermia; epididimitis; vesiculitis. Skin diseases: psoriasis with psoriatic arthritis; trophic skin ulcers. Respiratory system diseases: bronchitis; sinuitis. The mud treatment has proven its anti-inflammatory and nerve obtundent effect and stimulates the metabolic processes in human body. Methods of medical treatment Each patient gets his individual program of madical treatment which is based on the clinical,laboratory, X-ray data and doctor s control. The mud treatmant is applied as follows: Aplication method; Bath method Proccedures and programmes in the health centre of hotel Pomorie Proccedures: - dry, underwater and vybro massages; physiotherapy; kinesitherapy; physical exercises; mud application and bath; health underwater gymnastics; herbal bath; talghotherapy; sauna and solarium.