The. "Hissar" balneological complex is situated in the southeastern part of Hisar resort, in the outskirts oj one of the best town parks.
The complex has 17 three-bed rooms, 75 double moms and 8 suites with mineral water baths.
The complex also offers типа, underwater shower massage (tangentor), peri baths, "Sharko" shower, normal-size baths, led-те baths, paraffin medical treatment, with the /allowing appliances: supersound, nemectrodin, bipulsator, radar, magnetic field,, galvanostate, quartz, solux, hidrogalvan, room for remedial gymnastics, supplied with modern appliances, consulting room, dentistry.
We af)pli medical treatment to the following cases, if rial calculus, nephritis, gastritis-enteritis, liver and billions diseases, gouty affection, diabetes and locomolory system diseases.
You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the good service in the restaurant, the. bar and the night club. In the restaurant, you can find not only the traditional Hulgarian meals, but some foreign specialities, as well as the dietic food, prescribed by your doctor.