Medica - Albena Medical Center

  • Accomodation
    Double rooms - 5

  • Programs
    I. The following laparoscopical operations are performed: 1.Cholecystectomy- removal of the gall bladder in cases of cholelythiasis 2.Appendectomy- removal of the appendix 3.Parasite- induced and other kinds of cysts of the liver 4.Hysterectomy- removal of the uterus in case of myoma 5.Cystectomy- removal of ovarial cyst 6.Fenestrations in case of polycyst ovaries Advantages: 1.Fast recovery- the patients can leave the clinic till the 48th hour and to start work after 7-10 days 2.Small or missing pain 3.Cosmetic effect 4.The complications, typical for the classical surgery /post-operative hernias/ are missing The philosophy of the method is to obtain a maximum diagnostic and treatment effect with minimum trauma. II. Mini-invasive operations- the operative approach is similar to the classical surgery, but the cut is smaller than the classical and reaches 7-8 cm. These operations are performed in cases of the following diseases: 1.Prostate adenoma 2.Thyroid gland adenoma 3.Hernias 4.Operations in case of disc hernia, using operative microscope and endoscope 5.Ophtalmological retinal operations like vitrectomia 6.Cataracta- operations

  • Complex Facilities
    The clinic is situated in the medical center that comprises of polyclinic, spa and surgery clinic. The team is lead by an experienced surgeon Prof. Encho Kalchev, who performs the operations himself. Experienced gynecologists and urologists are involved for the gynecological and urological operations, which increases the abilities of the team. In special cases leading specialists and consultants are involved in the operative work. The same team, including intensive care specialists, performs the post-operative treatment of the patients. The comfortable atmosphere in the clinic, together with the staff, and the resort, differs from the tense atmosphere in the classical hospital. The communications are ensured through Varna airport, situated at 28 km. from Albena. The medical staff is near the patients day and night, with an expressed humanitarian attitude. The methods, used in the clinic, make it easy to combine tourism, rest and solving health problem. After not more than 36- 48 hours, and sometimes even sooner, the patients are going back to the hotel, and together with their friends they use the excellent conditions of Albena resort.