Bulgaria is famous its variety of resort resources. Nowadays, there are more than 240 areas rich in mineral springs, of which over 75% are warm to hot. Specialists are unanimous that all kinds of known mineral waters around the world their analogue in our country. Deposits of high quality peat and lima healing mud have been found at many places in the country.
Bulgaria has predominantly transitional continental climate, but the majority of spas are situated in the lowlands and in the lower parts of the mountains and, at the same time these health resorts are influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The climatic conditions at the Black Sea coast are similar and the bigger resort centres also have mineral springs. Thus,the influence of the balneological and biological factors on the human organism is combined.To increase the efficiency of the resorts, combined treatment and disease prevention work are carried out by matching the hydro-mineral procedures with other physical methods.
Thus, a highly effective treatment of social diseases is practiced at the hydrotherapy resorts in Bulgaria aiming at prolonging life and assuring active longevity.


The healing properties of the Pomorie firth mud formed at the bottom of the Pomorie lake have been used since the ancient times by the Thracians and Romans.
The firth mud extracted from the lake are ranked among the world best ones. The mud is a natural product formed from organic and non-organic compounds activated by biological, chemical, and microbiological processes, in the Pomorie lake. The healing mud is abundant in hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, chloride, calcium, sodium, sulfates, iron compounds etc.
The mud treatment has proven its anti-inflammatory and nerve obtunding effect and stimulates the metabolic processes in human body.

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Golden Sands

It ’s one of the most reputed Black Sea resorts. It’s situated 17 km northeast of Varna. The resort is famous by its rare combination of forest, sun and warm seawater. The fine golden sand beaches are almost 3,5 km long and 50-100 m wide. The Golden Sands are notorious for its typically national atmosphere.

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In the Spa Centre we treat successfully the following diseases:
• Diseases of the skeletal and muscular apparatus-inflammatory, degenerative and traumatic origin in a chronic stage: rheumatic poliartritis, gaut arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis with unknown etiology, deforming artrosis, spondiloartrosis, ankilosiral spondiloartritis, ankilosiral spondiloartritis (Behterev’s disease), trauma and orthopaedic operation, Zudek’s dystrophy, periartritis, epicondilitis, mialgia, myositis, tendovaginitis, etc.
• Neurological diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuritis, neuralgia, polineuritis, plexitis, radiculitis, causalgia, etc, functional nervous diseases (during the cold months)-neurasthenia, stress, climacterics, acroparaestesia, eritromelalgia, vasomotor neurosis, sexual disturbances, mental & psychic overstrain, with fatigue and diminished activity.
• Skin Diseases: psoriasis, neurodermitis and uralgia
• Gynaecological diseases (during the warm months)-inflammatory processes in chronic stage, sterility
• Overweight, overstrain and stress

Physiotherapeutic procedures:
• Spa treatment - different kinds of baths-algae, mineral water and herbs, galvanic, pearl with herbs, salts, oils, whirl pooling
• Curative massage -whole body and partial massage, underwater (tangentor),vibro massage, vibro-extension
• Gymnastics -individual and group gymnastics, underwater fitness
• Electrical and light treatment , celutron, body former
• Mud treatment -highly mineralised curative mud with a high concentration of sulphates, calcium, natrium and sodium. The mud contains biologically active substances, biogenious stimulators and microelements, such as iodine, copper, strontium and molybdenum


A famous spa in South-West Bulgaria, situated at the foot of Pirin mountain, on the international road Sofia Kulata Athens, near the unique narural reserve Melnishki skali /Melnik rosks/ and the picturesque town of Melnik.
There are more than 20 sourses with similar characteristics hyperthermal /72 –81 degrees C/, with a low minerals content, slightly fluorine, containing silicon and suitable for drinking and hidrotherapy.
During the last decades, the resort has established itself as the most appropriate for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of the respiratory organs with children and adults.
Very good effects are registered in cases of bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis of allergic, infectious and mixed origin, of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and pharyngitis. Patients recovery after bronchopneumonia, pulmonary operations, is facilitated.
Favorable curative result is observed for diseases of the motor system having an inflammatory and degenerative origin /rheumatic arthritis in remission, buratis, osteoarthrosis/, as well as diseases of the peripheral nervous system nephritis, neuralgia, plexitis.
Patients are accommodated in the solid building of the children’s and adult’s sanatoriums where rooms are equipped with a bathroom. In addition, a large park is available for them to use.


One of the most popular and beauttiful health spas, at 40 km from Sofia and 800 m above the sea level, Velingrad is situated in the western part of Rodopi mountains. The patients with chronic diseases of respiratory organs feel very well at Velingrad. Among them are patients suffering from chronic, allergic, infectious and mixed rhynosinusitis, rhynopharingitis, trachea inflammations and bronchitis, all forms of bronchial asthma, post-pneumonia state and pulmonary emphysema.
Treatment of chronic diseases of the motor system is very effective. These diseases may be of degenerative, inflammatory and metabolism origin, such as osteoarthrosis, reumatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylarthritis, podaric, psoriatic and other kinds of arthritis, as well as orthopedic and traumatic diseases post fracture treatment, residual contractures of different origin.
The resort has traditions in the treatment of functional neurological diseases /neurosis, migraine/ and diseases of peripheral nervous system nephritis, neuralgia, polyneuritis, radiculoneuritis, plexitis, postraumatologic paresis.
The treatment of chronic gynecological diseases with subsequent sterility, as well as some sosial diseases such as AH /arterial hypertension/, IHD /ischemic heart disease/ and mellitus diabetes is very effective.


The. "Hissar" balneological complex is situated in the southeastern part of Hisar resort, in the outskirts oj one of the best town parks.
The complex has 17 three-bed rooms, 75 double moms and 8 suites with mineral water baths.
The complex also offers underwater shower massage (tangentor), peri baths, "Sharko" shower, normal-size baths, paraffin medical treatment, with the allowing appliances: supersound, nemectrodin, bipulsator, radar, magnetic field,, galvanostate, quartz, solux, hidrogalvan, room for remedial gymnastics, supplied with modern appliances, consulting room, dentistry.
We aply medical treatment to the following cases, if rial calculus, nephritis, gastritis-enteritis, liver and billions diseases, gouty affection, diabetes and locomolory system diseases.
You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the good service in the restaurant, the. bar and the night club. In the restaurant, you can find not only the traditional Bulgarian meals, but some foreign specialities, as well as the dietic food, prescribed by your doctor.



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