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Encyclopedia Touristica (ET) is interactive-multimedia guide of the tourist, cultural, gastronomy and history offer, including the Croatian, Romanian and Bulgarian area, extended with many multimedia features (animations, audio and video materials) and many illustrative pictures entered into the encyclopedia.

In encyclopedia you can find many useful general and detailed information's about the cities, they're history, whole gastronomy and cultural offer, tourist guide to the city, all available service information's, and many other useful information's.
While showing the tourist offer, we give you a detailed list of every hotel, motel, camp, apartment, etc., the selected region contain.

In the historical part of ET, you can read more about the history of the cities or regions from the known beginnings, extended with the pictures and computer animation's.
Gastronomy part of the ET give you a list of all of the available restaurant's, tavern's and other gastronomy resources, with all needed contact information's, logo, digitalized photos, and somewhere with showing the specialties.

Cultural part of the ET is a place where you can find more info about the actual cultural events, including the show's, concert's and all other cultural events, included in year event calendar. This is the place where you can find more info about the cultural heritage of the region or the city.
ET is published ones a year, with new and updated data, and every new year contain one or two new Countries with whole offer.

ET is programmed for using on every type of the operating system or computer.

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